Release notes


OPA’s COVID-19 Portfolio has been released in response to analytical needs in connection with the SARS CoV 2 pandemic. The COVID 19 portfolio includes peer-reviewed articles from PubMed and preprints from arXiv, bioRxiv, ChemRxiv, medRxiv, Research Square, and SSRN, and is updated daily with the latest available data. The tool leverages the cutting-edge analytical capability of the iSearch platform and enables users to explore and analyze the rapidly growing advances in COVID-19 research as they accumulate in real-time.


iCite 2.0 has been released. Major new features include a Translation module—track articles in “translational space” on the Triangle of Biomedicine, showing how Human, Animal, or Molecular/Cellular Biology-oriented each paper is. Also, view when an article has been cited by a Clinical Trial, Guideline, or Study, and for those that have not, see a machine learning-based prediction (the Approximate Potential to Translate) of the likelihood that the article will be cited by one of these clinical articles in coming years. Another major new feature is the Citations module—view and download individual, public-domain citation links. Analyses and their raw data can be shared without licensing restrictions. Additional information can be found in the publications describing the methodology behind the Translation module and the Citations module.


OPA begins testing the dissemination of public domain citation links through the iCite API. Add the "&refs=true" parameter to your query to also see the PMIDs of papers in each article's reference list.


iCite now accepts PMID requests in the URL that immediately link out to the Results page. Place up to 900 comma-separated PMIDs after this URL ( to go immediately to the results page of those PMIDs. For example:,27599104


In response to a commentary on the paper describing the Relative Citation Ratio, iCite now provides RCR for very recent papers, even if they would otherwise be considered too new for citation statistics to be measured. This policy is applied to papers that are being cited rapidly despite being new, and have already accrued 5 or more citations.


The peer-reviewed paper describing the Relative Citation Ratio has been published at PLOS Bilogy.


The iCite API now supports comma-separated value (CSV) responses. Use the "&format=csv" parameter to your query to receive data back in CSV format.


iCite now has a Stats page that shows global information about the number and distribution of RCR values in the database, as well as RCR percentiles for NIH-funded papers as well as for all of PubMed. These NIH Percentiles also appear in the Results article table as a sortable field, and are a new column in the data download.


iCite has launched for beta testing. The manuscript describing the Relative Citation Ratio is available at bioRxiv (doi:10.1101/029629).